Ways to Pay

Ways to Pay for school meals:

-Meal accounts must be pre-funded. Cash is not accepted.

-Prefund student meal accounts on  www.mypaymentsplus.com.
Staff- contact [email protected] if you need help setting up your account. 

- Meal Accounts may also be pre-funded your with a check made out to "Gunnison Watershed School District Nutrition Services".  Include student's name and 6 digit ID number. Bring check to school or district main office.

No purchases allowed if no funds on account. Students will never be denied a meal and parents are responsible for payment.  See district unpaid meal charge policy, E-FE-1.

  • Meals Account: Each student and staff member has a school meals account, which is accessed at the point of sale  with a unique 4-digit pin number.
  • Students and staff can make purchases from their meals account when it is pre-funded.

  • Students and staff are not allowed to "charge" the meals account if it has no funds on it*.

*The exception is the District Policy on Unpaid Meals, which permits students to charge 1 complete breakfast and 1 complete lunch per day, regardless of account balance.  This is to ensure all students have access to the nutrition they need in order to grow and learn.  The guardian is still responsible for paying this balance.