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This year, we are continuing to utilize and practice The 7 Mindsets program! The 7 Mindsets are based on a three year research effort that began with the simple question: What do the world’s happiest and most successful people have in common? In search of the answer, they studied many of the happiest and most successful people who’ve ever lived. They reviewed the most extensive and important studies on personal achievement ever conducted. And they personally interviewed 400 leading experts, some of the most successful men and women of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Their research revealed that the answer wasn’t related to gender, ethnicity, or where they lived in the world. It had nothing to do with being raised in a loving home or a broken one. It didn’t matter if their families were rich, middle class, or impoverished. It wasn’t even connected to how far they advanced in school or the skills they acquired along the way. In fact, it turns out that the game-changing commonalities of happiness and success are based on how the world’s most successful people think.

What emerged from their research was a set of seven mental habits foundational to an enriched life. The 7 Mindsets are a comprehensive blueprint for happiness, intentionality and success, written in simple, powerful language to teach and activate success strategies for people to live the lives of their dreams.

Mindset 1: Everything is Possible!
The Everything is Possible mindset provides an understanding that we are all capable of extraordinary lives. We learn that everything in existence was once just an idea, until someone believed it was possible and turned it into a reality. Embracing this fact allows one to envision a wonderful life, expect greatness, and effectively execute the process of making dreams come true. Don’t be a dream snatcher! Resist the urge to give your children reality checks, no matter what their dreams are. Dreams are precious, and represent the hopes and expectations we have for our lives. So every dream and positive vision of the future that your children have should be encouraged. Their dreams will inevitably change, but what matters is that they’re dreaming and believing. Constantly push your children to dream bigger, and never be the doubter or pessimist.

Mindset 2: Passion First
The Passion First mindset teaches us that we are each a unique expression of human life, and that our lives should be focused on finding our unique genius and sharing it with the world to the maximum extent possible. You will learn to make your dreams authentic, and of such critical importance that you’ll find the fuel to overcome any obstacles you face on the way to achieving them. Teach your children to find validation within. We live in an extrinsically driven world where it’s easy to be led by the goals and expectations others have for us. It’s typical to assess ourselves based on outside standards, and on what others have or can do. Instead, we must look inward for direction and fulfillment. Every experience in your child’s life should be about growth. Constantly focus your attention toward helping them understand the skills they’re building, the knowledge they’re gaining, and the relationships they’re forming along the way. It is crucial that they find validation in who they are becoming, not in what they are accumulating.

Mindset 3: We Are Connected
The We Are Connected mindset helps us to understand that everyone who comes into our lives can help us live our dreams. Through this mindset, we learn to constantly explore synergies with others, embrace diversity, and relish competition that will allow us to maximize our potential with and through others. We all have belief systems that help define who we are. Where it can go wrong is when we separate ourselves from others because of these beliefs. Some individuals create walls of anger and even hatred to isolate themselves from large segments of people who could actually help and benefit them. We must instill values in our children, along a strong sense of self, but also cultivate curiosity and open-mindedness towards all people, regardless of differences in beliefs.

Mindset 4: 100% Accountable
The 100% Accountable mindset teaches us that we are not victims of our past, that our futures are not predetermined, and that our lives are what we choose them to be at this moment and each moment forward. With a focus on recognizing fears and excuses, this mindset helps us to break down barriers, freeing our minds and focusing our energy on taking critical steps toward our goals. 2 | Page Do not enable; empower! The greatest gift you can give your children is the confidence to fail, face adversity, and overcome challenges. As educators, we sometimes connect our own ego to our child’s successes and accomplishments. Unfortunately, this sacrifices the most important thing, which is giving them the ability to survive and thrive without us. Celebrate failure by teaching your children that it may be the most important ingredient to their ultimate success.

Mindset 5: Attitude of Gratitude
The Attitude of Gratitude mindset teaches us that we build our lives on either positive or negative foundations. Choose the positives, and you are on your way toward extraordinary success. Choose the negatives, and you will likely start on a downward spiral. Practice gratitude regularly. We live in a largely pessimistic society where criticism is overvalued. This concept might have merit in some places, but not in your classroom. If you want your children to be happy, teach them to focus their energy and attention on the good things in their life. And when bad things do happen, work with them to understand the good that can come from such experiences.

Mindset 6: Live to Give
The Live to Give mindset teaches that abundance in one’s life is a cycle. To receive love, respect, and financial security, one must first learn to give those things. This mindset also teaches that the greatest gift you can ever give is finding and leveraging your unique genius to maximize your positive impact on the world, knowing that good things will be returned to you in kind. Get your children involved in service projects early. This helps create self-worth, and allows your children to help others while feeling the great satisfaction of making a difference. Create real life moments of service and giving in your school and celebrate them. Then explain to your children that giving doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions or only be done when you achieve a certain level of success. Ideally, giving is connected to causes you are passionate about and integrated into your daily life.

Mindset 7: The Time is Now
The Time is Now mindset teaches that all your power exists in the moment. You cannot change the past and the future has not happened, so the only thing to do is take purposeful action in the present to create the ultimate life of your dreams. Create a vision board and develop an action plan with your children. Teach them how to prioritize, and encourage them to take positive and purposeful action toward their dreams. Sometimes, small steps can make the biggest difference, simply by taking action. It’s okay to plan, but while many people wait for the perfect plan or moment in time before they act, the happiest and most successful individuals take action all the time… even (and especially) when their plans aren’t perfect.