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8th Grade Science

Objectives  -  In this class we will strive to gain a general working knowledge of the Earth’s matter, features, processes, atmosphere, and place in the universe.  The class will be a combination of labs, lecture, note-taking, reading, individual and group work.  There will be mathematics as the majority of science is quantifiable.
Units:  Scientific Method, Mapping, Earth, Sun, Moon, Matter, Minerals, Rocks, Surface Processes, Earth History, Plate Tectonics, Atmosphere, Oceans, Climate, Field studies. 
Grading Policy:   Grades are a combination of labs, homework, classwork, and tests.  
A - 90-100, B-80-90, C 70-80, D 60-70, F <60.  Late work is not excepted and will be entered as a zero.  I will drop one zero before the end of the quarter.  You can make up work if you are absent, but will still have a firm due date.    


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