Welcome to Gunnison Middle School

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!
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Our Mission:
The Gunnison Middle School community supports the growth of all learners to think critically and engage as empathetic, respectful, healthy, and responsible global citizens.

Our Values and Practices:
I treat myself and others with kindness and dignity.
I actively participate.
I focus on solutions.
I value and practice integrity.
I strive for high academic growth.
I develop resilience and perseverance.
I honor diversity and take pride in my community.
I build positive relationships.
I am optimistic about today and the future.

Welcome to the 2023/2024 School Year!
This school year is another amazing opportunity for academic, social-emotional, and physical growth. Our amazing team of teachers has worked hard to prepare for your students' return. We have continued to focus on improving our curriculum and instructional practices, while creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for all of our students. Our outdoor education programs continue to be strong, with students experiencing many of the amazing activities that the Gunnison Valley has to offer. We look forward to another year of learning and fun!

Mr. Betts, Principal
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